Man About Town

Since the gas shortage and my “required” visit to the local bar, the ‘Bird has been running (and stopping) quite well. I’ve been driving it short distances almost daily, which has been a blast in the nice, warm weather. Pollen has stopped falling from the trees in our neighborhood, so I took the opportunity to host a bird-bath this afternoon.

Clean 'Bird
Still cleans up nice, she does.

The warm spring weather has also meant I need to focus on my other hobby, gardening, which doesn’t tolerate procrastination very well. Major work in the garden wrapped up this weekend though, and there was still some time to devote to the car. I installed a hose for the vacuum advance on the distributer (lacking, until now, but obviously not critical!) and tightened up the belts on both the alternator and the power steering pump.

Vacuum advance hose
New vacuum advance hose, distributor end

I would love to get the door panel off the passenger side door to free up and lubricate the window regulator and fix the power locks inside the door, but there are more pressing concerns.

More rain is forecast and the windshield leaks like crazy. I have been tarping the car in rainstorms, but the metal grommets and hooks have been taking their toll on the paint–a cure more expensive than the disease. A windshield replacement is on the top of my list, hopefully this week.

Also near the top is a re-tune of the carburetor (a little off after I fixed a vacuum leak last week) and putting a stop to the taunting of the ever-on-E fuel gauge.

For now, though, it’s drive and enjoy.

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