Repair Journals

While performing major (sometimes minor) restoration or repair work on the ‘Bird, I take some time out to photograph the work in progress. Partly, I like having the photos to refer to when memory fails and the reassembly process is suddenly not obvious.

In the past, though, I’ve often found it helpful to see how it went when someone tackled a similar project in the past. The photos, frustrations and obstacles overcome by someone else helped to convince me that I could do it as well.

So, I post these journals here as for encouragement and clarification (not so much as a replacement for a good manual). It’s also nice to look back and see how far the car has come.

In the order I have tackled them, these are the projects I have documented:

Steering column & shifter
Fuel gauge sender
Cooling system & power steering pump
Removing a front wheel cylinder
Motor mount replacement

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