Seeing Clearly

Got a new windshield installed this morning. The old one had numerous scars, stars and pits, but the killer was a cracked and leaking gasket that allowed water into the car by the bucket.

New Windshield
New windshield installed. Haven't yet got the wiper arms back on.

Surprisingly, a local glass shop had the correct windshield in stock, and it even had the cool tinted strip across the top. Even more surprising, they did not have (and could not get) a new windshield gasket. I had to order that on my own. (From the guys at Bird Nest, who were super fast and efficient again.)

Lots of complaints from the installers about the parts on the car being old, if you can imagine, and it took them a few hours to complete the job. In the end, it was professionally done and improves the looks of the car a great deal.

Spring planting is done, so this weekend looks to be a busy one with the car. Tops on my list are the fuel gauge sender, a tweak to the carb, and a peak inside the door panels.

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