So Close

I opened up the left rear brakes on Sunday to replace the wheel cylinder and pull the brake line from that side. As predicted, the wheel cylinder was leaking, though not badly. Too bad, too, because of the four, this was the only brake assembly actually put together correctly.

Left Rear Brake
Well, at least one was put together correctly!

Getting the wheel cylinder and line out were straightforward. I was even able to remove the fitting from the wheel cylinder–a nice surprise. The shoes on this wheel were labeled “relined” and were a little glazed over: more proof for my theory that the rear brakes are dragging a bit.

No telling, though, when I will be able to test the theory, as the replacement lines I have are clearly wrong and completely unusable. An email sent to the retailer on Sunday has gone unanswered, so far; though they have never been quick on the reply.

Right now, I’m planning to see if I can get the lines I need custom bent by a local shop and simply return the unusable lines. If they can promise a quick turnaround on the replacements (looking unlikely) I’ll take that option.

Old vs. New Brake Lines
The old and new lines, side by side. Not quite.

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