What a Turn-Off

I picked up a new starter on Tuesday. Turns out, the starter I custom ordered was nothing like the one the came out of the car. The folks at Napa Auto Parts had the starter I needed

New Starter, Installed
New starter, installed.

in stock, however, and they also helped me gather together new cables, other bits and pieces and–yes–another solenoid.

The new starter went in this afternoon, no trouble at all. I followed the advice I got from the guys at the Vintage Thunderbird forum, rewiring the ground cables properly and installing the cable to the starter in a way that will allow me to strap it up properly. (Still need some clamps to finish that job.) I also took time to wash off some of the grease and dirt from the inner fender wells while the battery and cables were out.

New Cables, New Solenoid
New cables, new solenoid

With everything connected, the car started right up. I let it get warmed up, then took it for a quick spin, even though the interior is still in pieces. All went well, and I pulled into the driveway, put it in park and . . . turned off the key.

Yes! The engine stopped. Yet another evolution has been completed. Now to re-assemble the interior and move on to the next item.

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  1. Hi Steve, I’m enjoying your writings.
    My 64 has the same “wrong” starter in it. There was a time when the proper starters were no longer available. The only fix was to replace the flex plate/ring gear and starter with newer 65+ ford style parts.

    Scott (64Tbird on VTCI)

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