Changed the oil. That was the extent of the work I did on the car this week. After my hard work last winter, it’s time to get in a few hours behind the wheel.

There’s something about a working, good-looking interior that inspires more confidence in the car. Maybe it’s that gauges are accurate. Maybe the music is drowning out some of the squeaks and rattles. Or perhaps it’s psychological. Whatever the reason, with an obligation across town in heavy rush hour traffic last week. I didn’t hesitate to fire up the ‘Bird and set off.

It’s not something I would have done last summer, though the mechanicals underneath are essentially unchanged. It ran great, and I had a blast both coming and going. (More than I can say for everyone else out there, stuck in their daily traffic jam.)

Oh, there are still a few minor things to catch up on this summer. The light sockets in the rear are failing, slowly. Oil is leaking rapidly from the motor. (But this is a good thing–meaning that oil is also getting around in the motor better too.) and if I really want to tackle a project, I’ve got new rubber bushings for the rear leaf springs. None of these are pressing, however.

I had to put off the windshield sealing–it’s a three-day process and I had places to go. I’ll drop he car for that tomorrow, should have it back in plenty of time for a wash and wax before the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Playtime”

  1. Since completing my engine and engine compartment detailing exercise back in January I’ve still yet to fire up my 64. Its been so cold until just recently. My motor is starting out with a fresh cylinder hone, rings & bearings, and cam, heads, & valvetrain from my other 64 390 thats been in my Galaxie. Yesterday we toted the hood outside and stood it up on end to begin cleaning the 50 yr accumulation of grime that took hold at some point. Was able to leave the main big pad on insulation but the outer 2 thin ones had to go. It all cleaned up nicely, concluding with a wax job. Family is due here for Easter dinner so I’ll get some help and actually mount it to the car! Maybe tomorrow, sometime this week for sure, I’m going to fill the cooling system with water and fire it up for the first time. Can’t wait to see how the dual glasspacks sound with the motor’s newfound compression restored.

  2. I like to use a fully synthetic oil, but am not stuck on brand. I think this time around I used Valvoline. Temps where I live are pretty mild, so I got 10W-30 weight.

    A lot of old-car owner’s swear by zinc additives because of the extra lubrication for flat-tappet lifters. I used that last time, but passed on this oil change. I’m planning to pull and refresh the engine in a year or two, so am not looking for longevity right now–just short term reliability–and no sludge build up.

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