Installation of the new mounts was slightly easier than expected; though I was expecting it to be nearly impossible, especially on the left side. The engine leaned a little to the left, so I started with the more accessible right, holding the insulator against the block and threading in the bolts. The lower stud, which is attached to the crossmember on the frame didn’t line up exactly with the hole, so I left some slack in the bolts for adjustment when I lowered the engine. As the engine came down, though, everything lined up nicely and dropped into place

Hovering Mount
Right mount, attached to the block and hovering over the crossmember. I lowered the jack slowly to ensure I could guide it into place.

On the left side, there’s no way to get two hands up there and still see what you’re doing. With a little luck, I was able to get both bolts into the block on the first try. On this side, the lower stud did match up with the hole on the frame rail, so there was less wiggle room installing the insulator, creating some friction on the bolts. I got them started, but they needed wrenching almost immediately. Unfortunately, swinging a wrench in there is challenge. I got the lower bolt tight and the upper bolt half way in.

With darkness closing in, I switched over to the right side and tightened up both bolts as well as the lower stud. Tomorrow, in daylight, I can get the last bolt snugged up. The goal is to be back on the road by Sunday–looks like I can make that date.

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