Bleedin’ Brakes

My boys and I were able to push the T-Bird uphill into the driveway this morning. A heart-pounding workout early in the morning, but worth it to have the car off the street.

In the driveway, I was able to jack it up and get to the brake bleeders. With the younger son on the brake pedal, we worked our way around the car. There was a lot of air in the rear brake lines, and a bit of a learning curve with the cheap brake bleeder we were using.

Luckily, the bleeder screws were not stuck. Those in the rear are really easy to access; in the front, I couldn’t get to them except with a socket wrench and a short extender. Aside from slowing us down a tad, though, that method worked well.

In the end, with the wheels back on (a little anti-seize on the wheel studs to prevent them from snapping off in the future) the brake pedal was firm and solid–first time I’ve experienced that in this car.

As we were wrapping up the brakes, the mail carrier showed up with the carburetor rebuild kit. The carb is out and on the bench–looking to build on the momentum tomorrow.


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