Brake Line Disappointment

After a couple of weeks wait, the “fixed” brake lines were delivered by FedEx this afternoon. Mid-October weather has been superb–86 degrees today–and I had visions of crawling under the car this evening; back on the road tomorrow.

Bad Brake Lines
Custom lines, to “match” my originals. Close, but not quite.

Unfortunately, the new lines were poorly done. Most of the fittings were frozen on the old lines, so I cut the tubing in the removal process. When I sent them in, I taped the pieces together so the technician would know which pieces went together. Apparently, whoever it was that made the new lines never bothered to separate the parts or read my directions.

As a result, they made at least one line that doesn’t fit anything, a bafflingly shoddy response to an already unhappy customer. I located a local shop that can fabricate new stainless steel lines. I’m heading down there tomorrow; just not willing to wait another three weeks for Classic Tube to get their act together.

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