Won’t Start

Brake fluid is added, and the master cylinder is bled, but I can’t do the wheel cylinders on the street–need to get the Bird into the driveway!

A few weeks ago, I got the car started with liberal applications of starting fluid and a little luck. I let it run for about 30 minutes, trying to work through the old gasoline in the tank, which has been there at least two years. This time, even after two cans of starter fluid and an hour of trying, it wouldn’t run at all.

The Fuel Filter
Pretty sure "in" marks where the fuel goes in, not the other way around.

The motor will run as long as I pour in fluid, but as soon as I ask it to run on the gas in the tank, it just dies. I little investigation revealed that the fuel filter was installed backwards, but turning it around didn’t really help (though it did prove that the fuel pump was working ok).

What now? I probably need to get the old fuel out of the car. (Easy enough, but what to do with it then?) And probably should rebuild the carburetor, which is likely all gunked up from the old gas.

Wondering, today, if this is more of a project than a ride.

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