Fuel and Fun

The 90 degree fitting I ordered for the fuel pump outlet arrived on Tuesday, went on to the pump on Wednesday and went into the car, with the pump, shortly after. I cleaned up the coil, which was in the way and had to come out, then reinstalled it this afternoon.

Fuel Pump
A clean fuel pump installation.

Belts for the alternator and the power steering pump were tightened and everything hooked back up. Everything is ready to go, but there are a lot of variables in play: a completely new fuel system, new alternator and numerous smaller parts removed and reinstalled.

This all started, really, with a gimpy starter, so much of that system is relatively untested as well.

Lots of balls in the air and air in the fuel line. I cranked the engine a few times to see if I could get fuel up the the clear filter. Unfortunately, the battery was weak from the last starting attempts and didn’t crank the engine fast or long enough to bring fuel up to the carburetor.


I hooked up a trickle charger, gave the bird a bath and am wrapping things up to let the battery charge overnight. Today it was 70 degrees, but tomorrow should be a nice day for a drive, too.

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