Some New Parts

A slow weekend for the ‘Bird, but progress on the restoration. I installed a new oil pressure sender (which should get the oil pressure gauge moving again, leaving only the gas and amp gauges dead.) and put in a new alternator.

Oil Pressure Sender
Oil Pressure Sender. Will be nice to see the gauge working.

In addition, I installed new belts and did some prep work for the new fuel pump–including a slick chrome fuel line and new tubing to feed the carburetor. All in all, the new parts went in smoothly–perhaps suspiciously so.

The original line from the fuel pump to the carburetor was metal tubing bent specifically to run from the pump to the original Autolite fuel inlet. Coming out of the pump, that line make a sharp 90 degree bend–something I didn’t want to duplicate with a rubber hose, fearing it would kink or otherwise restrict the fuel flow.

Shiny New Alternator
Shiny new alternator. All the wires got new, clean terminals, too.

After some time online and even more time with the good folks at my local auto parts store, it looks like I found just the right fitting to make the bend and allow a straightaway installation for the fuel line.

The fitting should be in tomorrow. With that, I should have everything I need to fire her up once more.

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