Somebody Stop Me!

So, I have a half hour free after work, and I’m thinking, perhaps I’ll take a look at that starting problem on the ‘bird. Open the hood, hop in, and crank it over. I can see that the choke didn’t close (the ongoing issue with cold starting), so I close it manually. Try again, and it starts right up!

Ignition Switch
Yep, I need a new one of these.

Well, that’s cool! I have no idea why the choke won’t close normally, but I’m leaning in favor of installing a manual choke, at least for the time being. Since it started so easily, and I’ve still got time to kill, I figure, let’s go get a manual choke cable and maybe even stop at the hardware store afterwards.

At the auto parts store, I turn the key off and hop out. But wait. The motor is still running. I look in my hand. Yep, still holding the key. But the motor is still running.

Get back in the car, put the key in. Turn on. Turn off. Turn on. Turn off. Motor is still running. I am perplexed and decide to drive home rather than shop while the car is running in the parking lot.

Ultimately, I pulled a primary lead off the coil to stop the car. Chances are, the ignition switch has failed. Plan: order a new one.

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