How We Roll

The evolution of a project. First, car dies at the post office, victim of a $20 part failure. Then, tow truck driver (thankfully) breaks the steering coupler, so I jump into the entire steering column / rag joint / shifter / turn signal project.

Cleaned up Car
Cleaned up after a long sit in the driveway.

That’s a lot of work, it turns out. We finished the under hood work this morning, hooked up the battery and (just for fun) tested the turn signal wiring. Incredibly, every signal with every possible permutation (brakes on, lights on, brakes and lights on . . .) worked, with the exception of the front left, which may have a burnt out bulb. Very satisfying, and a little shocking.

I spent not a little time cleaning and polishing the dashboard pieces before they went back into the car. There’s still a lot of clean up to do in the interior (especially the dash) but this was a good start.

With the dash in place, the steering wheel and horn ring went on. Without any further ceremony, I dumped most of my tools on the driveway, started her up and went for a test spin.

Driving in the correct gear(!), it turns out the transmission is behaving normally. With bearings and stuff all installed properly in the steering column, the steering is more precise and not as light to the touch as it was–a vast improvement. With the new shifter parts, the swing away mechanism also works as designed:

There was only one disappointment: the new turn signal assembly catches internally against the steering wheel–probably the self-canceling mechanism is slightly off. There’s no way to adjust it, so I may have to live with it.

Next up, a tune up (now that it’s safe to stand in front of the car while it’s running), and a transmission rebuild.

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