Six Months

I pulled the Thunderbird out of storage yesterday.

I have to confess, it wasn’t a strong desire to get behind the wheel that motivated me, but a need to get at my shop hoist, trapped behind the car. As it turns out, there really wasn’t much needed to get the car back into running shape even though I’d let it sit for six months.

I never did find the horn brush that vanished, but I did pick up another one (and put it in a safe place). The steering wheel was still loose on the shaft, so it was a simple matter to pull it, install the brush and secure it back in place.  The horn still didn’t work—I suspect I’ve got the connection crossed in the harness at the base of the column. The turn signals, running lights and brake lights are are working properly, though.

Super glue for the mirror. Nice to do a job that doesn’t require crawling on the floor or stooped over the fender.

I also re-glued the rearview mirror button to the windshield, I think for the fifth time now. This time I scuffed up both the glass and the button before securing it with thick super glue and some activator.

Last, I topped off the coolant. The system took about a gallon and a half of the stuff, so I think I need to check for a small leak.

I had the battery on a trickle charge; the motor fired up on the second try. So, I got to the hoist pretty easily. Also, it was date night, so we turned a few heads cruising downtown for dinner and drinks.

The ride awaits.

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