I’ve got most of the motor back together and ready to go. I’ve had the valve covers off a couple of times when the motor was in the car, and it was always a bit of a mess trying to get the gasket to stay in place and keep sealant from spreading everywhere. The job is, of course, far easier with the motor out, and I think I’ve got a nice, tight, leak-free seal on both banks.

Just about ready for paint.
Just about ready for paint.

I did the job twice, it turns out. After I got them installed, I couldn’t recollect if I had cleaned the covers on the inside before they went on. Rather than risk running dirt, wire wheel splinters and the like through my refreshed motor, I pulled them off to check. Sure enough, they were dirty inside, so time and money well spent.

The water pump is also on, so now I just need to do a final degreasing, masking and painting.

While this has been going on, I’ve disassembled the driver’s side front suspension, a process I detailed in a photo journal yesterday.

At this point in the project, I've got a lot of loose parts, new and used, floating around.
At this point in the project, I’ve got a lot of loose parts, new and used, floating around.

Except for the bushing on the lower control arm, which I farmed out, I’ll be reassembling this side of the suspension myself the next couple of days with plans to have both sides done by the end of this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Un-Suspended”

  1. Nice work… keep those posts coming. I’m redoing the disc brakes, pads, calipers, and turned the rotors… I decided to leave the inboard caliper in place in lieu of removing the steering arms. Ford didn’t make it easy… I was blown away at the diameter of the pucks. Fortunately no rust or pitting of the puck bores in the calipers. I’m having the backing plates/ dust covers powder painted.

  2. Interested to see the front suspension teardown, as thats one of the few areas I’ve yet to do on my own car.

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