I spent the day running errands in the T-Bird today, and it was like getting back together with an old friend.

An old friend that always seems to need money, that is.

I took the car to the self-serve car wash (still cleans up nice), a longish drive on nearby country roads, then a series of errands around town. I never had trouble starting it, no matter how long—or little—it sat, so I’m ready to declare the starting issue resolved (until proven otherwise).

Atop Sycamore Drive
Atop Sycamore Drive

It’s been some months since I drove the Thunderbird regularly, and I was a little shocked how poorly I remembered driving it.

How could I forget what a blast it is to drive? If I didn’t have one, I’d have to get one. Second: holy crap, this car needs some suspension work.

And, aren’t these carpets practically new?

It’s time to get busy.

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  1. Looking good, Steve. It’s nice to enjoy them between projects. I spent a long time getting my ’63 mechanically sound and now enjoy driving it tremendously. It’s nothing like taking everything for granted in a modern car. I’m thankful for all the parts that work correctly. Recently, the heater most of all…

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